TRIBE – Woman’s Group

This is a woman’s group that will focus on your Spiritual wellness, developing your psychic abilities, following your inner pull (aka: life purpose), goal settings, challenging yourself to make deeper self-connections and of course 100% support and true companionship with your fellow Tribe sisters!

I have been looking for a group for a long time that focused on the Spiritual aspects of life and just couldn’t find one where I felt at home and felt comfortable! So I decided to start my own TRIBE!

If you’re looking for a fun group that will help you to develop your Spiritual side please join me!

We will be meeting once a month from 7pm to 9 pm. The location is in the comfort of my home. Your 1 year membership is an investment of $200. annual fee. Your membership fee will cover the cost of beverages, light snacks, handouts, gifts, guest speakers and the cost of supplies for activities.  Tribe gatherings will be the last Friday of the Month in my home in NW Calgary.

You also will receive special offers and discounts including:

  • Special offers on workshops
  • Speaking engagement discounts
  • VIP Elite Spiritual Wellness Package discounts
  • Discounts on all Power of 3 Spiritual Products

The yearly membership is a great gift! The first meeting will take place in January of 2018!

Let’s rock this New Year and make some lasting connections, let’s make our own TRIBE!!!!!

***All my sisters please tell a friend and join me! As one we have the power, as many we are unstoppable!