Hello, I’m Jessica.

When I was a little girl I had 2 “imaginary” friends. One was an 89 year old man named Fred, who worked very hard all his life as a brick layer. The other was a 72 year old German woman named Gertrude! Ever since I can remember I was able to see and converse with Spirits.

I also had a permanent friend whose name was Elizabeth…I know her now as Elizabeth (I’m now 37…that’s a hard name to say when your 2 years old.) She is one of my many Spirit Guides. She is with me all the time, just over my RIGHT shoulder and offers me knowledge, comfort and continual Spiritual guidance.

When I am reading for you, your guides, loved ones and angels give me messages through my Spirit Guides to pass onto you…it’s like the telephone game!

I never have a boring day and simple outings like getting groceries can lead me to reading a total stranger. If the Spirits come through… I gotta let people know!

It makes life interesting and I want to pass on as many messages as I can. I love to help people and teach people how to “tune in” to your own angels and Spirit guides! We all have them; we just need to know how to communicate with them!

I live in Calgary, Alberta, with my wonderful husband, daughter, and dog who I love very much! Life is amazing and Spirit is ALWAYS with me and with you too!

— Many blessings, love & light!

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