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My name is Jessica and I am a Calgary Psychic Medium. I am here to help you find everything you need in life! I am focused on providing you with an exceptional spiritual experience. I will provide you with the personal comfort and reassurance in reaching your loved ones, angel guides and help you to connect with and recognize your Spirit Guides. I can also help you to find out what your life purpose is and how to LIVE IT!

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Find your divine guidance, your inner peace or break out with one of the best Calgary mediums. Jessica can perform both private and group tarot card and psychic readings.

Experiencing unresolved grief due to the loss of a loved one? As a Calgary clairvoyant, I understand that dealing with the death of a spouse, sibling, parent, child or friend is a major contribution to feelings of anxiety, depression and stress. Are you spending time wondering, “Where do you go after you die?” or “Is my family member happy or sad now that they’re on the other side?” or “is the afterlife really a better place?” Dwelling on these questions can be mentally straining on those left behind. My psychic medium abilities allow me to reach the deceased with the purpose of reassuring you that those who’ve passed are okay.

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Hearts and Wings

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Float With A Psychic

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Spiritual Workshops

Calgary Spiritual Wellness Coaching is for people who want to invest in their lives and make it significantly better. The coaching is for people who want to move forward and be the best version of themselves as possible. The VIP Elite programs are specifically designed to be incredibly impactful and life changing immediately, from the very first session!

Each session includes personalized 1 on 1 coaching, spiritual guidance and connections from the great divine and your Spirit Guides!  All programs are designed to personally help you achieve a better life on all levels in as little time as possible! Join me to start your personal journey to the new and better you today! You CAN do this and I can help you! Your new life is waiting; the only question is are YOU ready?!