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Thank You for Connecting with Me!

I have a very special event coming up on October 17th, 2015!  Click the button below for full event information and to buy tickets online NOW!  Don't miss out!

My name is Jessica and I am a Psychic Medium. I am here to help you find everything you need in life! I am focused on providing you with an exceptional spiritual experience. I will provide you with the personal comfort and reassurance in reaching your loved ones, angel guides and help you to connect with and recognize your Spirit Guides. I can also help you to find out what your life purpose is and how to LIVE IT!

Please look around my site and find what speaks to you. I am currently taking on new clients however space is very limited so please do not hesitate to connect with me for your personal reading! I currently am booking 3 to 4 weeks for sessions. Note that VIP clients receive first availability to my schedule.

I also am available to speak at your corporate events, retreats or businesses! I offer Spiritual workshops on such topics as:

Visit the Contact page to find the best way for you to get in touch with me.

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When I was a little girl I had 2 "imaginary" friends.

One was an 89 year old man named Fred, who worked very hard all his life as a brick layer. The other was a 72 year old German woman named Gertrude!

Ever since I can remember I was able to see and converse with Spirits.

I also had a permanent friend whose name was Elizabeth...I know her now as Elizabeth (I'm now 37...that’s a hard name to say when your 2 years old.) She is one of my many Spirit Guides. She is with me all the time, just over my RIGHT shoulder and offers me knowledge, comfort and continual Spiritual guidance.

When I am reading for you, your guides, loved ones and angels give me messages through my Spirit Guides to pass onto you...it's like the telephone game!

I never have a boring day and simple outings like getting groceries can lead me to reading a total stranger. If the Spirits come through... I gotta let people know!

t makes life interesting and I want to pass on as many messages as I can. I love to help people and teach people how to "tune in" to your own angels and Spirit guides! We all have them; we just need to know how to communicate with them!

live in Calgary, Alberta, with my wonderful husband, daughter, and dog who I love very much! Life is amazing and Spirit is ALWAYS with me and with you too!

Many blessings, love & light!

Rates for My Services:

I invite you to join me at my home for your private session. For group readings of 5 or more I will come to your home or destination of choice!

Spiritual Wellness Woman's Group

Starting in January of 2015 I am starting my own Tribe!
It is a woman's group that will meet once per month. You will learn how to: be more psychic, tune in to your Spirit Guides, how to do blessings, smudging, how to recognize spiritual signs and so much more! Plus it is going to be your chance to make more connections with your soul sisters! I am so excited to be providing this opportunity! The investment is $120 per year! Please email me your completed signup form to get started!
We are going to ROCK 2015 SISTERS!

VIP Spiritual Wellness Coaching Packages

Your journey can be a full 30, 60 & 90 day life transformational package! Are you ready to change for the better? Each package is 100% personalized to your needs and I work around your schedule. If you want to 100% put the time and work into investing in yourself & become the best you possible, these are the VIP programs for you!

VIP Gold Soul Package

30 Day Spiritual Jump Start

This is your start to the new you and your new life. Have the courage to move forward and start reclaiming YOUR life today!
Your VIP Gold Soul package includes:
4 ~ Private 1 hour Spiritual Wellness Coaching sessions
1 ~ Personalized in home or business consultation including a total home/ business smudging
2 ~ Personalized Spiritual cantations including take home reference cards
1 ~ Guided class on how to facilitate Spiritual Meditation including a personal 1 on 1 guided meditation with Bonus gift!

Power of 3 Diamond VIP

60 Day Intensive to Wellness

This program is designed to go deeper into what is holding you back from your ultimate authentic self. If you want to be free and move forward to a bigger and better life, this package is designed specifically for you!
Your Power of 3 Diamond VIP package includes:
5 ~ Private 1 hour Spiritual Wellness Coaching sessions (Option of your home or my blessed space)
1 ~ Personalized home/business smudging & blessing. This includes a Bonus home/business space alignment.
1 ~ Choice of personalized 1 on 1 offered workshops with a Bonus guest invitation with gifts
4 ~ Personalized Spiritual Wellness cantations including take home reference cards
3 ~ Spiritual Wellness customized products of your choice
4 ~ Personal spiritual consultation and coaching calls
1 ~ Customized personal crystal, stone & gem wellness kit. All items will be cleansed, positively charged and blessed prior to personal home delivery.

Ultimate Elite Spiritual Transformation

(90 Day Transformation)

Your Ultimate Elite Spiritual Transformation is the top of the line spiritual wellness offering. This option is 100% custom designed only for you. I will help and teach you to reach your ultimate 100% personal best! This includes overcoming barriers, increased courage and confidence; reset personal abundance levels and much more! Spiritual evolution is guaranteed! It includes your own personal Spiritual Advisor for 90 Days!
Your Ultimate Elite package includes:
8 ~ Private 1 hour Spiritual Wellness Coaching sessions (Option of your home or my blessed space)
5 ~ Home or business smudging & blessings
5 ~ Personal smudging & blessings
2 ~ Customized personal crystal, stone & gem wellness kits. All items will be cleansed, positively charged and blessed prior to personal delivery. This visit will include VIP Limo services to and from the site.
3 ~ Special Customized 1 on 1 workshops focused on your personal requests. It includes a special guest invitation.
1 ~ Private Psychic Party Event ~ this includes you and 5 of your closest friends. Each guest will receive a private 30 min reading session. I will provide chilled Champignon and fresh strawberries for each guest. Each guest will also receive a very special blessed gift!
8 ~ Spiritual Wellness Coaching phone and text support for spiritual wellness questions or spiritual consult.
1 ~ Meditation kit with a blessed Bonus gift.

Gift Certificates are also available for your loved ones!

You Have the Power - LIVE Event!

DATE: October 17, 2015
TIME: 10:00am to 6:00pm MST
PLACE: Holiday Inn ~ 4206 Macleod Trail SW

This LIVE event is a comprehensive 1 day transformational workshop. You will learn that YOU have the POWER to change and drive your life to ultimate success in all areas. During this transformational event you will learn:

  • How to remove all negative from your life and who are your cheerleaders
  • How to remove all negative from your life and who are your cheerleaders
  • Let it go Spiritual exercises
  • How to say NO to FEAR and take back YOUR POWER
  • How to re-connect and communicate with your Spirit Guides and Angels
  • How to develop your PSYCHIC POWERS & your Spiritual Gifts
  • Group blessings and re-connection meditation for positive vibrations

And so much more! This will be a life changing, positively charged event! Don’t miss your chance to be part of this epic LIVE event! And as always Spirit will be in the house! I may receive a message just for you from the other side! Anything can happen!

Tickets are available through Eventbrite NOW! CLICK HERE to buy online!

Tickets are $99 each

VIP GOLD tickets are $150 per person ~

VIP tickets holders will receive a special swag bag, VIP seating, VIP Catered lunch, Private VIP Cocktail Party with drinks and appetizers after the event and 1 on 1 time with me!

Please feel free to connect with me for your special private reading, VIP package, or to find out more information.

Phone: (403) 999-9348
Email: jessicadophin@shaw.ca

You can also follow me on social media: Power of 3 on Facebook, Instagram and on YouTube.